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ai???Itai??i??s not about how hard you hit, itai??i??s about how hard you get it and you still keep going.ai??? says the good looking and popular Viner,Ai?? 150mg doxycycline buy online, viagra guaranteed. pilex ointment. canadian pharmacy india. Sahibnoor Singh. Praised for his funny and inspirational videos, Sahib believes inAi??making people smile and spread happiness. Undoubtedly, he has a huge fan following. His fans are curious to know about him more closely. Sahib reveals some interesting and clear statements about him.

1.You were among the top four contestants of Mr. India. How was the journey experience for you?

Yes, I was among the top four contestants. It was a lifetime experience for me as I was awarded the title ofai???MR CHARMINGai??? by Actress Zareen KhanAi??and the presence of many known faces of Bollywood like Mr. Madhur Bhandarkar, Priya Malik ( Big boss contestant) and many celebrities. It was one of the best moments of my life.

2.Vine and modelling are two different aspects. What made you come up with funny vines?

Well, I always wanted to make an identity of my own. In order to earn fame and make my parents proud, I left no stone unturned. Modelling happened first. But, Vines are something which came into my mind later. I believe in making people smile and that requires effort. Eventually, things went right after I made my first Vine. Being a creative person, I try to connect with people through my videos.
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3.What do you think is essential to be a popular vine/video maker like your tricks or constant dedication? Why?

Actually, to make an entertaining vine or video, you must be creative and have a good imagination. Try to relate with people. Make sure you donai??i??t lack in content.Ai??Keep adding humor in it. These tricks are beneficial in making vines.

sahibnoor singh

4.What is your message for the upcoming vine/video maker? What are the tips that you would want to share with them?

I suggest to all the upcoming viners or video makers to never be in a rush to make a vine/video. The more time you will dedicate to it, more you will learn to improve it. And yes! Hard work and determination is the only key to get success. Make sure you use proper equipment for making vines also.

5.There are various hilarious stories that we came across time to time on your page. Does it require a lot of efforts to pin down the humor?

You know, what I do is to just pen down all the ideas and thoughts which come to my mind. So, start writing your ideas. A good content is the basic requirement of any video. Discuss your ideas with family and friends. As per me, public opinion and choice matters. Keep interacting with them.

6.Who inspired you to make such a tremendous Facebook Channel?

I want to earn fame and make my own mark in life. While making my vines in the starting days, people used to appreciate me. My parents are my best critic. In fact, all my friends and cousins have encouraged me to make vines. RestAi??my hard work and dedication did wonder, I guess! This was a stepping stone to success for me.

7.What is the one thing that Vine making taught you?

There are so many things I learned while making vines, You must have a good patience level. Success is never served on a platter. We try our best to get it. Work on your acting skills. Making vines is learning process, you will keep on learning new things about it.

sahibnoor singh viner

8.What according to you is the future that video/ vine maker holds for the people with different talents?

Each one of us wants to get popular and famous now, youngsters mostly. Becoming a Viner, there is a bright scope for them. Think out of the box. Creativity matters a lot, if you want to become a Viner.Ai??Social media is a great platform to outcast your talent.Ai??It can be making vines,Ai??singing or dancing!Ai??As a YouTuber, I get more publicity and my videos stay in the trend too.

9.How has your life changed after getting social recognition?

After getting social recognition, people appreciate and love my work. Many of my fans, greet me and click pictures with me. Such sweet gestures are really overwhelming. Youngsters enjoy my vines and everyone showers blessings on me. That feeling canai??i??t be expressed in words. tadalafil generic canada. mail.ru регистрация сайтаtkstour